Crafting Your Own Wedding Favours

Looking for places in your wedding budget to cut costs? Producing your own wedding favours can save you a considerable amount of money. You can design wedding favours that reflect either the season of the year, or your own interests and styles. Or create favours that serve a function at the wedding.

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Let these ideas inspire you to craft your own wedding favours:

Seasonal wedding favours. 

Choose a wedding favour that reflects the season in which your wedding will occur.

  • If your wedding is scheduled for winter, make potpourri or sachets using dried flowers and herbs with scented oil of pine or cinnamon. Sprinkle oil over the flowers and herbs. Allow them to dry. Then, wrap small amounts of the potpourri in 6-inch squares of sheer organza and tie with pretty wedding-colour-coordinated ribbons or lace.
  • For a spring wedding, make soaps shaped like flower blooms scented with cherry blossom or lilac. Place them in small drawstring gift bags purchased online or at your local party supply store.
  • A summer wedding calls for something whimsical, like blowing bubbles. Locate a recipe on the internet to mix a bubble concoction and purchase small plastic bottles with bubble-blowing wands in the caps. Use a small funnel to pour the mixture into the bottles. Wrap ribbons matching your wedding’s colours around each bottle’s neck.
  • In the fall, make small candles scented with smells of autumn, like pumpkin, nuts, or apple pie. Present the candles in small tins you bought in bulk online.

Hobbies or Interests

Have wedding favours based on your hobbies or interests. Consider the interests of the two of you and use those themes in wedding favours you craft. Perhaps a hobby or activity that one or both of you enjoy will lead you to just the right wedding favour to make for your wedding.

  • If you love music or dancing, mass-produce a compact disc with your favourite music and distribute one to each guest. Listening to the CD brings memories of the two of you and your special day.
  • Birdwatchers can buy birdseed in bulk and wrap it in small squares of fabric tied with ribbons to match the wedding’s colour scheme. Give these birdseed knapsacks to guests as they exit the ceremony to toss at you and your mate as you leave. On your wedding day, the birds will go wild with delight!
  • If photography is your thing, prepare a one-page photo collage of the two of you using photo software on your computer and buy inexpensive frames in the size needed. Then print and frame the collages to give as wedding favours. To save more money, surf the net for different ways to make your own picture frames.

Multi-purpose wedding favours

Select a functional wedding favour to impress your guests and serve dual purposes.

  • Purchase small gift bags in your wedding’s colour scheme, enough for one per guest. Handprint or write guests’ names on the front of the bags to be laid out on the table settings to assign seating. As guests exit the room, have them pass a table adorned with small candies and mints to scoop into their small bags as they leave.
  • Buy small flower vases at a discount store to match your wedding’s theme or colours. Then, cluster groups of the vases as the centrepiece of each dining table or arrange the vases in a line in the middle of the table, one for each guest. On your wedding morning, place a flower in each vase. If low-cost fresh flowers aren’t available, use sprigs of local plants and flowers from your parents’ and friends’ lawns, like lilacs, orange blossoms, or even sprigs of honeysuckle. When guests leave, have them choose a vase to take home.

Designing your wedding favours can be one of the most enjoyable and inexpensive aspects of your wedding. When you’re trying to decide which type of wedding favour to give guests, consider the season of the year, the interests of the two of you, and functionality. Tap into your creativity to produce your personalized, budget-saving wedding favours.

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